About Us

We have been an OEM manfacuturer in the hardware and sporting goods markets for more than 30 years. We have been responsible for many of the innovations that you see and use in the market today. Products that continue to catch your eye and attract your attention. Innovations that make a tradesman's job easier.

We are very serious about the products we produce. We pay attention to every detail. Quality product. Quality people. Quality service. Quality delivery. We expect the same from every vendor we deal with, every employee we hire, and every product we make. We know you expect it too.

WorkHorse is a brand name that elicits confidence. Everyone wants to be known as the WorkHorse - the one person that carries the load and gets the job done. A true WorkHorse expects his gear to withstand everyday stress. We carry the load, we cushion the blow, we cover the trades. After many years on the jobsite, we have created products that are not only functional, but are accepted by our toughest critic - the Tradesman

WorkHorse. The Soul of the tradesman!